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Representation Inquiry

Actors Casting Agency is selective in inviting artists to join our family, inviting an average of less than ten actors annually. ACA represents actors 18 years of age and older.  ACA actors are professionally trained and have strong credits in film, television, commercials and theatre.

Prior to inquiry, interested actors should have strong performance experience, skill set, training and marketing materials. ACA likes to know actors personally and professionally before considering representation, and needs to see evidence of ability in either a reel or live performance. Actors who have only background work in their experience, are new to film and have limited experience will need to gain more experience before inquiring. Although important for learning how films are made, background work may not be listed on a resume. ACA considers actors who come to the company with professional training and principle roles in film or television on their resume.


1. Previous film/television/commercial experience in principle roles

2. Verifiable professional training

3. Recent head shot

4. Resume

Actors interested  who meet the above prerequisites are requested to forward a recent head shot, resume, reel footage, personal website and IMDb links to

The head shot does not need to be professional, however please present yourself professionally and be certain head shots reflect your current look.. Please give thought and consideration to first impression. If offered representation, actors are required to submit recent ACA approved head shots within 30 days. ACA provides a list of recommended photographers with whom the actor will deal with directly.

ACA does not charge fees to actors offered representation. The ACA commission for booking ACA talent is 10%.

Once received, materials will be reviewed and considered. Pending interest from ACA, a meeting will be arranged. In submitting materials, please wait for two to three weeks for a response. ACA focuses on local hire. Although a few represented actors are from other parts of the country, the vast majority of casting is local.

All actors are invited to join the Actors Casting Agency Facebook page where general castings are posted. If you are cast by ACA in a project, this does not indicate formal representation.

ACA does not participate in talent showcases, talent cruises or talent conventions.