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Representation Inquiry

Interested talent ages 18 and over who meet the ACA requirements are invited to submit materials to ACA standards, (resume and headshot - see links above) to

Those who do not will want to spend time building their resume and experience.

ACA is a boutique agency representing experienced, professionally trained talent and the most respected agency in the region. There are no fees required to become a part of the ACA family. ACA does take 10% commission on work received through ACA.


Before inquiring about representation, prospective talent will need to have:

  • Professional experience in speaking roles in legitimate projects with IMDB credits and reel footage. 

  • Professional training, (degrees in acting or equivalent in professional training), and a strong skillset.

  • Talent will need to submit a professionally formatted resume to industry standards, headshots and a reel or links to view footage. Please do not send a resume formatted for the retail industry. Only submit resumes in professional format, (see links above). Resumes which do not follow this format will not be considered.

Talent does not need to be SAG-AFTRA or AEA, however several ACA talent are SAG-AFTRA, AEA, SAG Eligible and EMC. ACA talent are professionally trained with BA's, BFA's, MA's and MFA's in acting and specialized training such as RADA, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, The Groundlings and others.

Materials are reviewed by ACA staff and pending review, a meeting will be arranged. Prospective talent will then submitted for projects before the possibility of signing so we can get to know each other and make certain both parties feel comfortable and talent is adhering to professional standards.

ACA is not a starting agency but an agency for experienced, professional talent and holds talent to a high standard and expectation.


ACA does not represent models.

ACA does not charge fees of any kind. 

ACA does submit non-ACA talent for projects. Submission by ACA does not indicate being signed or the intention of being signed.

ACA does not guarantee talent will book work.

If you are interested in being a background actor, please check back for casting calls on this website and on social media. 

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